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elmex® SENSITIVE PLUS mouthwash

elmex® SENSITIVE PLUS mouthwash
Tooth rinse

elmex® SENSITIVE PLUS mouthwash helps seal the stimulus conduction channels and thus reduces pain sensations.
The protection against dental neck caries is intensified by the amine fluoride that is also present (250 ppm).
The product is free from alcohol and colourants.

elmex® SENSITIVE PLUS mouthwash is an ideal supplement to daily dental care, particularly in areas that a toothbrush cannot easily reach.

elmex® SENSITIVE PLUS mouthwash is easy to use because of a new dosing system: put the bottle on a table, screw off the cap and press the bottle until the bottles neck is filled with the rinsing. Release the bottle now and exactly 10 ml are captured in the bottles neck. Pour out the rinsing into a cup and rinse your teeth!