Our long-term mission statement has been unchanged for decades and builds on the future:

1. The maintenance of the company’s autonomy and complete independence through

– development of its own products
– manufacture of its own products and of products under licence and
– marketing of these products at home and abroad

On condition that
– all the manufactured and (or) marketed products serve to maintain
   or restore health, meet international quality standards and the
   highest ethical requirements (service and assistance),
– working conditions (working atmosphere, premises, equipment,
   etc.) are such that everyone working for Gebro Pharma can be happy,
– the environment is not harmed
– and the Gebro corporate style is preserved.

2. Optimisation of profits for the benefit of all those working in the company.

(formulated by HB/HlB/OB – unchanged since 12.09.1975)

This mission statement has enabled us to achieve Gebro Pharma’s current performance levels. With this mission statement we are convinced that we can continue the positive development of our pharmaceutical company and also make a valuable contribution to health in the future.