Gebro was founded in 1947 by Otto Broschek, Grete Broschek, M.Pharm., and their son Herbert Broschek, M.Pharm.

Herbert Broschek’s parents as well as his grandparents had previously run a pharmacy in Meran in the interwar period.


After the War, family Broschek started up in the washroom of an old army barracks in Mühlbach in Pinzgau, manufacturing local anaesthetics: the Novanaest® products that are still produced today.


There, in partnership with a watchmaker, Herbert Broschek, M.Pharm. invented a device for filling cylindrical ampoules without the formation of any air bubbles. About two years later came the move to Fieberbrunn.

In order to support his family, Herbert Broschek produced soft toys, which were later known as Tiere mit Herz (Animals with Heart).

The Tiere mit Herz toy factory was handed over to his brother, Otto in 1951.


In 1953 Helga Broschek, M.Pharm., née Luger, joined the company and was closely involved in building it up.

With only a few trained staff, the four family members succeeded in overcoming the tribulations of the post-war period and then to survive under more normal conditions alongside the large international competition.

The first step towards internationalisation was taken as long ago as 1954. Gebro concluded a licence agreement with the Swiss company Zyma which is still in force.

Based on this fruitful collaboration, joint venture Zyma-Gebro Arzneimittelvertriebsges.m.b.H. was founded in 1974.

1996 the company was renamed Novartis Consumer Health – Gebro GmbH.

1976 Establishment of the first 100% subsidiary, today Gebro Pharma AG, in Switzerland.

In 1979 the business branched out into the field of cardiovascular products.

1982 Gebro entered into one of the most successful collaborations with the Swiss company, Gaba (today: a business venture of Colgate).

In the early ´90s, successful overseas engagement was boosted by the setup of an International Business division.

Today Gebro co-operates with more than 30 international partners.

2000 Acquisition of the company Alpinamed AG, Switzerland, one of the companies specialising in the manufacturing of high-quality plant extracts, dietary supplements and cosmetics.

2002 Establishment of a subsidiary in Spain, the Laboratorios Gebro Pharma, S.A. in Barcelona.

Pascal Broschek, M.Pharm., is since 2005 the managing director of Gebro Pharma.


2007 Founding of  Gebro Ungarn Kft. in Hungary.

On 7 September 2009 Herbert Broschek, M.Pharm., co-founder and senior partner of Gebro Pharma GmbH, died at the age of 83.

2012 The first registration of Dexibuprofen in Latin America.

On 01.06.2012, Gebro Holding GmbH was established.
The ownership structure, as well as the daily business relationships with our partners were not changed by this new structure.


On 28 December 2015 Helga Broschek, M.Pharm., co-founder and senior partner of Gebro Holding GmbH, died at the age of 88.

In march 2016 Novartis Consumer Health – Gebro GmbH became the new joint venture GSK-Gebro Consumer Healthcare GmbH.