Gebro Pharma AG Switzerland

The close business relationships in Switzerland were the basis for the foundation of Gebro Pharma AG in 1977. The company’s head office nowadays is in Liestal, near the city of Basel.

Gebro Pharma AG’s mission statement is to market innovative products and solutions for the benefit of patients and to improve the quality of life.

Products used in in the areas of rheumatology / pain therapy, dermatology, as well as in the cough and cold area are only some of the focal points of its sphere of activity.

A well-trained and highly motivated workforce maintains close contacts with the medical profession in all the cantons and language regions of the Swiss Confederation.

Gebro Pharma AG Switzerland currently employs 31 members (FTE) of staff under the management of Marcel Plattner.

Gebro Pharma AG
Grienmatt 2
CH-4410 Liestal
Tel.: +41 61 926 88 33
Fax: +41 61 926 88 44

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