Alpinamed Switzerland

Alpinamed, founded in 1983, today holds a leading position among manufacturers of natural plant substances in Switzerland.

The company’s main task is to develop and manufacture herbal active substances and products designed to maintain health.

The most rigorous requirements are imposed on the selective choice of fresh and dried medicinal plants, as these form the basis of the herbal active substances in the form of tinctures and essences.

The basis for Alpinamed’s supply of raw materials is provided by fresh plants harvested from controlled cultures or by careful collection in the wild in harmony with nature, as well as by the purchase of dry herbs from around the world.

Alpinamed is located in Freidorf with an additional production site in Romanshorn on Lake Constance. The company was founded by Peter Häcker among others. Since August 2009, the managing director has been Andreas Bleiker.

The company has been part of the Gebro group since 2000 and supplies Gebro Pharma with plant extracts that are used in many of Gebro Pharma’s medicinal products.


Alpinamed AG
Alte Landstraße 11
CH-9306 Freidorf
Tel.: +41 71 454 70 80
Fax: +41 71 454 70 83

Alpinamed Austria

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