Since its foundation in 1947, Gebro Pharma has developed into an internationally significant pharmaceutical company. Whereas most large pharmaceutical companies belong to large corporations as a result of mergers, Gebro Pharma has retained its total independence.

Gebro Pharma has a presence in more than 25 countries with its products and has subsidiaries in Switzerland, Spain and Hungary.

Today, about 300 staff work in the parent company in Fieberbrunn, a small tourist town in the Kitzbühel Alps.

The basis for the company’s success is that it develops, manufactures and markets products itself. As a self-manufacturing company, Gebro Pharma possesses all-round knowledge that enables it to offer expert advice and to constantly develop products in line with the current state of knowledge.

We have brought together here for you a number of facts and figures about the company’s growth.

Gebro Gebäude


Sector of activity:
development, manufacture and sale of medicinal products

Number of staff in Austria:
229 (average 2021)

Total turnover 2021:
Austria: € 68,40 million
Gebro Spain: € 86,05 million
Export: € 15,02 million
Gebro Switzerland: € 15,90 million
Alpinamed CH: € 26,13 million