Voltadol® Thermal Patches

Voltadol® Thermal Patches

Voltadol® Thermal Patch effectively and naturally helps ease pain and deep muscle relaxation for muscle pain, back, neck and shoulder pain. Voltadol® Thermal Patch is a medical device.

  • Medical device
  • Mechanism of action: thermotherapy
  • 2Units (not reimbursed)
  • 4Units (not reimbursed)

The Voltadol® Thermal Patch is applied directly to the skin, over the site of your muscle pain. You feel the heat and relief instantly. The patch provides up to 10 hours of penetrating heat that works to unwind tight, aching muscles and increases circulation to help soothe pain away.

Thin, discreet and designed to work on your body’s aches and pains, the patch helps you to get active again and takes your mind away from pain.

For information on risks and side effects read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.


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